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21 years of experience in guided & commented tours

Discover Martinique by Lyonnel with a Tour Guide Excellence International Certification Aquila passionate and lover of his island, he has 21 years experience in the organization of guided tours commented & the design of tourist products.


Delicate Creole Flavor & Exotic Aroma Martinique

Martinique Panoramic & Rainforest Island

Scenic Tropical

Island Tour

“In order to better discover the riches of the French West Indies in the heart of the Caribbean, we have selected a few excursions in order to be in perfect harmony, between your choice and the pleasure, the awakening of your senses.”

Lyonnel ARMIEN

South Caribbean Coast-line & Imperial Plantation
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South Panoramic Shopping, Rum & Beach Break Tour
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Discover Martinique by Lyonnel with a Tour Guide passionate and lover of his island.